Weight Loss That Works!

  • Safely Lose Weight With Medical Supervision
  • Easily Achieve Exceptional And Durable Results
  • Lose 25 Pounds On Average Every Twelve Weeks

Successfully Lose Weight With Professional Supervision

Whether you're looking to lose a few pounds or 100 pounds, Lean at Last MD has the solution.

Lean at Last MD combines the power of our physician-led program of weekly evaluations and caring coaching sessions to give you the habits of health to keep you physically healthy, free of stress and poised for a more fulfilling life. Our team will offer you nutritional and fitness counseling, as well as the supervision of physicians who understand what it takes to help you lose weight.

Lean at Last MD has helped numerous patients achieve exceptional results not just in weight loss, but in lowering blood pressure and reducing total body fat percentage. We invite you to join us in achieving your weight loss goals!

Why try Lean at Last MD:
  • Created by physicians who understand the science behind weight loss
  • One-on-one support from a team of clinicians
  • Individually designed to meet your specific needs
  • Located conveniently in Mountain View, Palo Alto & Hollister
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